Have you ever wondered how to properly match your pocket square to your bow tie? Well, it’s quite simple! The simple and no- fail option is to go with the bow tie and pocket square set. This is where the bow tie pattern and pocket square pattern are the same. It is simple and they will definitely match!

 On the other hand though, if you want to take a bit more of a risk, you can try and mix it up with different patterns for your bow tie and pocket square. When trying to match your bow tie and pocket square, you want to keep one thing in mind, you want your bow tie and pocket square to complement each other.

So let me explain, if you have a navy bow tie with white polka- dots, then maybe think about a paisley pocket square that has a hint of navy in it. You don’t want navy to be the main color in the paisley pocket square or else you are matching your bow tie and pocket square instead of complementing them.

 Another idea is that you can match your patterns of the bow tie and pocket square, but mix up the color scheme. There are different paisley patterns that you can still compliment with one another. You will want to make sure that the colors still compliment each other. If your bow tie is predominantly red, make sure that your pocket square has accents of red in it to compliment the bow tie.  

Another way to complement colors is by using the color opposite it on the color wheel. So if you have a yellow bow tie, a purple or pink pocket square would complement the yellow bow tie nicely. Have fun with your color and pattern combinations. You’ll give yourself an even more eye- catching and distinguished look.

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