When going out to a semi-formal event, most men will show up wearing a necktie. This is because only 1% of men actually know how to tie a bow tie. Neckties are boring. Two- thirds of men know how to tie a necktie. Being a man who knows how to properly dress, will make you stand out and turn heads no matter where you go.

But if you know how to properly dress and you have on an awesome bow tie, you have just become the person to talk to at any event. In a sea of neckties people will notice if you confidently wear a bow tie! 

Although tying a bow tie may be a little bit harder than tying a necktie, once you get the hang of it, it really is not that hard at all. It will take you a couple of tries before you get the hang of tying your own bow tie, but once you get it, all neckties will seem terrible in comparison to your awesome bow tie. 

Your whole world opens up and you realize that neckties really are quite boring. Once you know how to properly tie a bow tie, you will never want to wear a necktie again!

Another reason that wearing a bow tie is better than wearing a necktie is that you will not get your bow tie dirty. When you wear a necktie, you run the risk of spilling something on the tie, but the bow tie is too high up to get anything spilled on to it. Also when you wear a necktie there is always the possibility that the tie will get dragged into the food you are eating, but your bow tie cannot get dragged anywhere because it is nicely tied up on your neck. 

At Beehive Bow Ties, we are striving to offer distinguished gentlemen excellent options of high- quality bow ties. Gentlemen of all ages can find the perfect bow tie for them. From the little gentlemen who need a pre- tied bow tie, to any gentleman who is older than five years old, we have the perfect self tie bow tie for them. And with every bow tie sold, we are donating a portion of the profit to a charity that is dedicated to helping save the population of the bees worldwide. Check out our selection of silk bow ties which are woven in England and hand sewn in the United States.