Father’s Day is June 21st this year. It is coming soon. At Beehive Bow Ties & Accessories, we have many great products for fathers everywhere. We have bow ties and pocket squares that complement each other and will give your father a great new look.

Our bow ties are all woven in England in one of the oldest mills in the world. The silk is then sent to South Carolina where it is hand sewn. We are very proud of our bow ties. Your father will love a bow tie from Beehive Bow Ties & Accessories. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from as well. We have very bright colors that will make your father stand out and be the center of attention wherever he goes. Our signature bow tie is called The Beekeeper. We offer it in two colors, black or teal. It features little yellow honey bees on the tie. This tie can also be a conversation starter. People will comment on the tie because it is a very unique tie and your father can WOW them with bee facts, which we conveniently have a whole list of fun and interesting bee facts, just click here. Also if your father does not know how tie his own bow tie we have a simple video to teach him how! Click here to go to the video.

Another great idea is our line of pocket squares. Our pocket squares are also woven over in England, and they all have hand- rolled edges. Hand- rolled edges are a sign that the pocket square is made very well, and that it is high quality. Our pocket squares were all designed to compliment our bow ties. So if your father has a bow tie, get him a nice pocket square to compliment his bow tie. Complimenting a bow tie and a pocket square may seem hard to do, but it is actually quite simple. All you have to remember is that you do not want to match your bow tie and pocket square. Both the colors and the patterns should be different. Here is the catch, you want you colors to be different but you should include at least one color that is the same to pull the two accessories together. So if the bow tie is predominantly red, then the pocket square should have a hint of red in it. that is how you compliment a bow tie and a pocket square.

Our products are meant to last a very long time. Our bow ties are cut specially so that the fabric has a little bit of flexibility to it, which keeps it from ripping. If you give your father a bow tie from Beehive Bow Ties & Accessories, you are giving him a gift that will last him for a very long time. Also at Beehive Bow Ties & Accessories, we are helping save the bees. So with each product that we sell, we donate a portion of the profit to helping save the bees. So you will not just be giving your father a great gift this Father’s Day, but you will be helping save the bees, too.