The bow tie can be traced back to mercenaries from Croatia during the Thirty Years’ War, which took place between 1628- 1635. They wore a type of necktie to hold their shirt together and to distinguish rank. The French, who were fighting alongside these Croatians, loved the concept of this distinguished neckwear  and brought it back to France. This neckwear turned into what is now known as cravats. Cravat is the French word for Croatian.

 These cravats are sort of like the ancestor of the necktie and the bow tie. 

The bow tie was first used as a bow tie to first tie back men’s hair in Britain. This bow was then tied around the neck in the same fashion as the bow tie is tied today. The bow tie became a very proper piece of men’s attire in Britain once men stopped using the tie to tie back their hair. This type of tie was called the solidarity knot, due to the single knot. 

Later, the bow tie made its way to the United States. During the 1860’s, the bow tie became very popular in the United States. In Abraham Lincoln’s presidential picture, he is seen wearing a black bow tie. James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln’s predecessor, was seen wearing a smaller version of a cravat in his presidential picture. The president was a key person in making the bow tie popular in the United States.

Of course, now bow ties are worn for many different occasions: from   Black Tie events to  casual nights out, birthday parties to horse races and more. We have another blog on how to properly dress for a casual night out, click here. Bow ties are a very fashionable choice whose history dates back to the 17th century thanks to Croatian mercenaries. 

Considering that the bow tie was first around in the 1800’s, you can bet your money that the bow tie will not go out of fashion. The bow tie is not a trend that is here one day and the next gone. Bow ties are one thing that has been a constant in a fashion world that is always changing.

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