Most people think that bow ties are reserved for formal occasions like a black tie event or a fancy night out, but bow ties can be worn with clothes that are typically looked upon as more casual than formal. If you are going to get drinks with co-workers or going to a dinner party that has casual dress attire, wearing a bow tie may be a bit daunting, but here are some suggestions on how to wear your favorite bow tie and look great doing it even if it is casual.

One way to be more casual while wearing a bow tie is matching your bow tie with a pair of darker colored jeans. Wearing a navy bow tie with a dark denim color would look nice for a casual night out. Any darker colored bow tie would look nice with a dark pair of jeans. You will want to wear a light colored button down. This light button down will create a nice contrast between your shirt and the bow tie, as well as your contrast between your shirt and pants.

Also remember that if your bow tie has a little bit more flair to it, like a paisley print, then you should wear a shirt that is more plain, and vice versa. If you wear a bow tie with a lot of flair and a shirt with a pattern, your outfit will most likely be too busy and that is never a good look. If your outfit is too busy, then you will not look good.

Another idea would be to wear a bow tie with a light sweater instead of a blazer or sport coat. Light sweaters are the perfect way to make your outfit go from formal to casual. A light sweater can keep you warm just like a sport coat, but give a much more casual look to your outfit. You are also able to move around a lot better when you wear a light sweater instead of a sport coat. 

Another great idea is to wear a short sleeve button down with khakis or chinos and your favorite bow tie. This look is great for any outdoor party. From Memorial Day festivities to Independence Day parties. The short sleeve allows you to be comfortable outside while the bow tie conveys that you know how to look great in the heat.

Also remember that black bow ties and white bow ties are typically seen as more formal bow ties, so you will want to stay away from those colors when picking out your perfect bow tie for your casual night out. By creating this casual look, you can wear your favorite bow tie for almost any event you have to go to! 

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