As everyone knows, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We know that we are kind of late to the game, but October is not over. We have beautiful bow ties that have pink in them. We have three different bow ties that have pink in their color scheme.

The Francis is a lovely paisley bow tie that has pink and yellow as the color scheme. Then there is the Stephen, which is the same color scheme, but the pattern is a striped bow tie. The final option that we offer is different than the first two when it comes to the color scheme.

The Isaac is a striped bow tie, but it is not like the Stephen. The Stephen just has the same size, broad striped, yellow, pink, yellow, pink pattern. The Isaac on the other hand features a color scheme of navy blue, pink, yellow, and white. Also, the striped pattern is quite different than the Stephen. The pattern is a thick navy-blue stripe, then a thinner pink stripe, then a very thin white stripe back to the pink stipe and then the navy stripe again, and finally a thin yellow stripe to finish off the pattern. The Isaac is a little less in your face than the Francis or the Stephen, but that is only because the yellow and pink featured in the Francis and the Stephen are both very vibrant colors. The Isaac has that dark navy-blue color that balances out the vibrancy of the pink and yellow that are also on the bow tie.

At Beehive Bow Ties we want to send our thoughts and prayers out to any family or individual that is fighting any form of breast cancer. Even though everything seems to be chaos right now and nothing seems like it will get better, there are people thinking about you and your loved ones. We hope that one day we will not need awareness months anymore because doctors have found a cure.

Stay safe and well!