Wearing a pre- tied bow tie is obvious.

It is easy to pick out who is wearing a pre- tied bow tie versus who is wearing an actual bow tie. The pre- tied bow tie is pressed and very stiff, whereas a real bow tie has character to it. Every single pre- tied bow tie looks the same, sewn in the exact same shape.

The pre tied bow ties are all straight and rigid, causing them to look too perfect. It is kind of like Botox, you can tell when someone uses Botox on their face because it is too perfect; there are no wrinkles. A pre- tied bow tie is too perfect which allows anyone who sees you wearing a pre tied bow tie to realize your tie is pre tied. 

Pre- tied bow ties should be only worn by children under the age of five. If you are above the age of five, then you should be able to wear a self tied bow. Every gentleman, no matter what his age age, should have a bow tie, but if he is older than five he should wear a self tie bow tie.

A real bow tie has a different shape to it every time. This different shape gives the self tie bow it’s own special character. This special character is also how people can tell that you know how to tie your own bow tie. 

Bow ties are meant to be a little crooked; that is what makes them so special.  Only 1% of people know how to tie their own bow tie. There was a group survey that was done with 8,900 men, and only 92 of those men knew how to tie their own bow tie. Being in an exclusive group of 1% of men is pretty cool. Being able to tie your own bow tie is a sign of dignity and class. 

People take a second look when you are wearing a real bow tie, and you have an extra sense of pride in yourself knowing that you tied your own bow tie. Being able to tie your own bow tie puts you in a class of very well-to-do men.

At Beehive Bow Ties, we have a wide selection of self tie bow ties for any and every event. We even have pre- tied bow ties for the little gentlemen, but they are not to be worn for gentlemen over the age of five. See the link to learn how to tie your own bow tie, so you will not have an excuse on why you do not wear a bow tie. Being able to tie your own bow tie gives you something that you are proud of, which in turn gives you a little extra confidence to take on anything that is in your way.