With the chaos of the coronavirus right now we have missed somethings. From live sports games to concerts, things that we used to take for granted are now taken away. The NHL draft was back on October 6th. I am a big hockey fan, and I did not even realize that the draft had happened. But I learned that one player that was drafted has a special thing about him that everyone at Beehive Bow Ties loves, he loves bow ties! Quinton Byfield was drafted second in the draft by the Los Angeles Kings. He is now the highest drafted black man in the NHL history. A trailblazer that loves bow ties!

Since being drafted, Quinton Byfield has been welcomed to Los Angeles by some of the greats that live there. Magic Johnson sent out a tweet congratulating Byfield on being drafted by the Kings and being the highest drafted black man. Snoop Dogg welcomed Byfield with a video on Twitter. In the video Snoop welcomed Byfield to Los Angeles and called him “QB”. Byfield said that most people just called him “Q”, but if Snoop wanted to change that, then he was all for it. Byfield said that he could not even believe that these greats even knew who he was let alone send out congrats on social media.

Byfield said that he first started wearing bow ties because he did not like how neck ties felt on his neck. But after wearing a bow tie, he enjoyed standing out and being different. When he was drafted to the Ontario Hockey League two years ago he wore a bow tie, then when he won rookie of the year that same year, he wore a bow tie, so it was only natural that he would wear a bow tie on draft day for the NHL. He wore a double-breasted white jacket with dark pants and a blue bow tie. His now teammate, Los Angeles Kings captain Anze Kopitar, told the Kings GM that now that they drafted Byfield, he was going to have to step up his game day style. We will be watching Byfield this year and hope that he gets his chance to make his mark on the NHL this upcoming season. Good luck Quinton!