Father’s Day

Father’s Day is June 21st this year. It is coming soon. At Beehive Bow Ties & Accessories, we have many great products for fathers everywhere. We have bow ties and pocket squares that complement each other and will give your father a great new look.

Our bow ties are all woven in England in one of the oldest mills in the world. The silk is then sent to South Carolina where it is hand sewn. We are very proud of our bow ties. Your father will love a bow tie from Beehive Bow Ties & Accessories. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from as well. We have very bright colors that will make your father stand out and be the center of attention wherever he goes. Our signature bow tie is called The Beekeeper. We offer it in two colors, black or teal. It features little yellow honey bees on the tie. This tie can also be a conversation starter. People will comment on the tie because it is a very unique tie and your father can WOW them with bee facts, which we conveniently have a whole list of fun and interesting bee facts, just click here. Also if your father does not know how tie his own bow tie we have a simple video to teach him how! Click here to go to the video.

Another great idea is our line of pocket squares. Our pocket squares are also woven over in England, and they all have hand- rolled edges. Hand- rolled edges are a sign that the pocket square is made very well, and that it is high quality. Our pocket squares were all designed to compliment our bow ties. So if your father has a bow tie, get him a nice pocket square to compliment his bow tie. Complimenting a bow tie and a pocket square may seem hard to do, but it is actually quite simple. All you have to remember is that you do not want to match your bow tie and pocket square. Both the colors and the patterns should be different. Here is the catch, you want you colors to be different but you should include at least one color that is the same to pull the two accessories together. So if the bow tie is predominantly red, then the pocket square should have a hint of red in it. that is how you compliment a bow tie and a pocket square.

Our products are meant to last a very long time. Our bow ties are cut specially so that the fabric has a little bit of flexibility to it, which keeps it from ripping. If you give your father a bow tie from Beehive Bow Ties & Accessories, you are giving him a gift that will last him for a very long time. Also at Beehive Bow Ties & Accessories, we are helping save the bees. So with each product that we sell, we donate a portion of the profit to helping save the bees. So you will not just be giving your father a great gift this Father’s Day, but you will be helping save the bees, too.

Tropical Colors

At Beehive Bow Ties & Accessories, we have a fun, tropical color palette. But did you know that our color palette is based on the coastal environment that we live in here in Sarasota, Florida. Our Chief Design Officer, Isaac, chose select colors that would resemble the beautiful surroundings that we enjoy each day.

For example, a color that is frequently used in our bow ties, pocket squares and women’s scarves is the color blue. We have both a navy blue and a turquoise blue available for bow ties and two other blues that are available in the pocket square and women’s scarf collections. The various shades of blue are supposed to resemble the gorgeous waters of the Gulf of Mexico, which is minutes away from our house. The Thomas bow tie, for example, has the beautiful turquoise in it and is combined with sunshine yellow in a paisley pattern, which makes the bow tie look like the water in the Gulf of Mexico. Another blue that we use in our pocket square collection is the same color that is at the center of the flower called Bird of Paradise. There is a blue “bird” at the center of the flower and this particular blue matches the color we use in our pocket squares almost perfectly.  Also, the blues that are in the pocket squares and women’s scarves resemble the clear blue sky. In Sarasota, we get, on average, 251 days of sun each year, so we see a lot of blue sky.

Thanks to the beautiful weather in Sarasota, we also chose to use yellow in many of our bow ties, pocket squares, and women’s scarves. I think you can guess what we were thinking when we chose that color. The yellow resembles the brilliant sun. There is a license plate for Florida that is very popular in Sarasota. It has an image of a person holding a surf board on the beach at sunset, and at the bottom of the license plate it reads, “Endless Summer”. With it being so sunny in Sarasota, and the lowest temperature on average being 61 degrees Fahrenheit, it is no wonder why that license plate was designed. It also partially explains why we chose to use the color yellow in our products. As you may be aware, Beehive Bow Ties is helping save the bees one bow tie at a time. The other reason we chose to use the color yellow is that honey bees also love the color yellow. They are attracted to yellow flowers because it is one of the colors that they can register. Bees can see the same spectrum of color that humans can, with one exception. Bees have a harder time perceiving the color red and are better able to see the color purple than humans are. So, with yellow in the middle of that spectrum, bees love to land on yellow flowers.

A color combination that we also like to use is pink and yellow for our bow ties. They are supposed to resemble the beautiful plumeria flowers that bloom here in Florida. These flowers are better known as being the flowers used in making Hawaiian leis, but these flowers also bloom in sub- tropical Florida and their colors are lovely. They have a yellow center and then the petals turn to a beautiful bright pink. Also the pink and yellow bow ties remind us of pink lemonade which is one of our favorite drinks to have during the Florida summer heat! At Beehive Bow Ties & Accessories, we have two different pink and yellow bow ties. One is a wide stripe and other is a paisley print.

We love where we live and, with each product that we have created, we try to incorporate a little bit of our beautiful surroundings, from the flowers that grow here to the Gulf of Mexico, we want to share this tropical beauty with you.

A Simple Guide to Matching Your Bow Tie and Pocket Square

Have you ever wondered how to properly match your pocket square to your bow tie? Well, it’s quite simple! The simple and no- fail option is to go with the bow tie and pocket square set. This is where the bow tie pattern and pocket square pattern are the same. It is simple and they will definitely match!

 On the other hand though, if you want to take a bit more of a risk, you can try and mix it up with different patterns for your bow tie and pocket square. When trying to match your bow tie and pocket square, you want to keep one thing in mind, you want your bow tie and pocket square to complement each other.

So let me explain, if you have a navy bow tie with white polka- dots, then maybe think about a paisley pocket square that has a hint of navy in it. You don’t want navy to be the main color in the paisley pocket square or else you are matching your bow tie and pocket square instead of complementing them.

 Another idea is that you can match your patterns of the bow tie and pocket square, but mix up the color scheme. There are different paisley patterns that you can still compliment with one another. You will want to make sure that the colors still compliment each other. If your bow tie is predominantly red, make sure that your pocket square has accents of red in it to compliment the bow tie.  

Another way to complement colors is by using the color opposite it on the color wheel. So if you have a yellow bow tie, a purple or pink pocket square would complement the yellow bow tie nicely. Have fun with your color and pattern combinations. You’ll give yourself an even more eye- catching and distinguished look.

At Beehive Bow Ties we are dedicated to helping save the bees. With the population of bees steadily declining, we believe that it is vitally important that we do something to help save these tiny, incredible creatures that are responsible for about 1/3 of the food we eat. Click here to find your bow tie and/or pocket square that will help save the bees.

History of the Pocket Square

The pocket square first seems to have become popular during the 1400’s as an accessory worn by wealthy men. Squares of cloth have been worn by men throughout history, dating back to the ancient Egyptians.

 But the pocket square that we know today can be traced back to the handkerchiefs worn by wealthy men in the 1400’s. In France, men used to put perfume on their squares so that they did not have to smell the foul smells of most people, who did not have the most hygienic bathing routines. 

A popular story is that Marie Antoinette got upset that the handkerchiefs were  not all one size, so she got King Louis XVI to make a law that all handkerchiefs were to be 16” x 16”, which is the traditional size of the pocket square still today.

When the 2 piece suit became popular in the 19th century, men did not want to have their nice, expensive handkerchief mixed in with their dirty coins. So their solution was to move their handkerchief to their left breast pocket.

 That was the beginning of the pocket square. 

In the 1920’s, men would wear pocket squares with their suit. During this time the pocket square transitioned from being a practical thing to have, to a fashion accessory.  During the 20’s, men would wear their pocket square with a suit, vest and the signature fedora hat which was very popular during that decade.

In the 40’s and the 50’s, having a handkerchief in your pocket was considered to be unclean. So people stopped carrying their handkerchief in their breast pocket. Also, the Kleenex Company was founded in 1924, which was the first time that disposable handkerchiefs were invented. This permanently made the pocket square a fashion accessory.

Now pocket squares are worn by men all over. Pocket squares are great accessories that add a little bit of color and flair to your outfit. If you have on a plain shirt and plain jacket, a pocket square can help make your outfit have some color which makes you stand out and have some character to your outfit. You can coordinate a pocket square with a bow tie, or you can add a little bit of color to your outfit if you add a pocket square to your jacket when you are not wearing a bow tie.

Today, Beehive Bow Ties offers many different options for pocket squares. Each one is of pure silk with hand-rolled edges. The pocket squares are all 16 x 16 inches. The pocket squares in the Beehive Bow Tie collection coordinate elegantly with the bow ties in our collection. Click here to check out Beehive Bow ties pocket squares.