Today is the first Tuesday in November! It is Election Day! This year’s election is projected to have the largest voter turnout in the history of the United States. Nearly 100 million people have voted early, which accounts for about 72% of the total votes in the 2016 election. Hawaii, Texas, Montana, and Washington have all already surpassed their total voter turnout from 2016. President Trump has been holding rallies all over the United States over the past week trying to get as much momentum as possible before today. Former Vice President Joe Biden has not made quite as many appearances as President Trump this week, but has been holding rallies in some of the so- called battleground states.

No matter who you will be voting for this year, voting is one of your rights as a citizen of the United States. It is also one of your civic duties as a citizen. Everyone who is eligible to vote should vote. People complain for four years about who is president, but do not vote, go and vote and make sure that you do your part to make sure that the democracy that we have runs properly. This country is in a period of unrest. From disease to racial injustice, this country has been to hell and back this year. Now we have this election, which has caused even more unrest amongst citizens. Businesses have boarded up their windows to try and prevent rioters from breaking their windows if the election goes unfavorably one way or the other. 

We need to be showing respect and love to one another. Today is our day to express our support of a party or candidate. We are all American’s, which will always make us “One nation under God!” Get out and vote, accept the result, and be an honorable American. God bless!