The Beekeeper/ Eugene Reversible

100% Silk Bow Tie
Woven in England
Hand-made in the USA
Click for Bow Tie Styles
Beehive Bow Ties are hand-made to order.

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Product Details

The most ideal classic open untied original bow tie for any formal occasion! Our classic style bow tie is specially designed with a numeric inch measurement on the inside panel of the strap which makes it extremely easy to fit

Our original classic jacquard and satin bow ties come in a wide variety of classic colors of your choice making them a perfect matching compliment for your tuxedo and all your formal wear.

These bow ties are 100% polyester with a real satin look and comes packaged in a presentable packaging which makes it ideal for a perfect gift to anyone special.

Great for any formal occasion, wedding, celebration, musical band, and any other formal occasion!


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