Boys – The Matthew

100% Silk Bow Tie
Woven in England
Hand-made in the USA
Click for Bow Tie Styles
Beehive Bow Ties are hand-made to order.

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Product Details

Beehive Bow Ties are made from 100% silk imported from England. Our bespoke bow ties are hand-sewn in the USA. Outfitting yourself in a unique bow tie has never been more fun than when you sport a Beehive Bow Tie.

Our color palate and designs are cheerful and vibrant, reflective of the city the boys call home.

We offer each tie in a variety of shapes, further enabling you to present yourself in a distinctive manner. Each of our ties is perfect for any spiffy occasion or even a more casual event such as a derby, steeplechase, picnic, polo match, work, country club function, dinner date, or an evening at the theatre.

Every tie is sewn with the traditional British adjustable slide, making it very simple to accurately fit to your specific neck size.

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