Precious Savior

The birth of Christ after Abraham Bloemaert (1625)

by Cornelis Bloemaert.

Original from The Rijksmuseum.

16” by 16” Square
100% Silk
Printed and finished with hand-rolled edges in England
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Product Details

Beehive Bow Ties proudly offers an exclusive line of men’s pocket squares. Each square has a unique and exclusive colorway printed on 100% silk imported from England. Our pocket squares are meticulously finished with hand-rolled and hand-stitched edges. The pockets squares are 16 oz. and offered in the traditional 16” square. The size is in keeping with tradition and partially accredited to King Louis XVI who made a decree that all cloth used for such garments should be a uniform 16” by 16”.

Each design is versatile and intended to be worn alone to accent and dress up a casual look; or complement and add a flash of color to accompany your bow tie. Adding a flair of color in the pocket of your blazer or jacket is also a great way to harmonize with the colors worn by others in your family or party. Our line of pocket squares will undoubtedly help you easily add elegance and style to your wardrobe to stand out or match accordingly.

You will relish going into your closet and finishing off your outfit with our smooth and luxurious pocket squares. Not only will they make you feel confident and happy, but will certainly be pleasing to all those who set eyes on you.


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