Winter Wonderland

Christmas Eve

by Hoover & Son.

Original from The New York Public Library

36″ x 36″ Scarf

100% Silk

Printed and finished with rolled edges in England

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Product Details

Beehive Bow Ties proudly offers an exclusive line of women’s silk scarves. Each scarf has a unique look printed on 100% silk imported from England. Our scarves are meticulously finished with hand-rolled and hand-stitched edges. The elegant silk scarves are offered in 16 oz twill, in the versatile 36” square. Scarves can be folded and tied in innumerable ways, making them a must-have accessory for all women.

Truly, a silk scarf is an essential element in every woman’s capsule wardrobe.  Some women even become collectors; because an elegant woman can never have too many scarves.

You will be thankful to have luxurious silk against your neck instead of the scratchy wool of your winter coat.  You will also relish going into your closet and finishing off a simple casual outfit with a silk scarf that makes you stand out in a striking, flattering way. Not only will a scarf tie a look together, it will make you feel confident and poised.  And, best of all, it will be pleasing to all who set eyes on you.