Saving The Bees Through Bow Ties

Beehive Bow Ties, LLC. is saving the bees one bow tie at a time. Offering bow ties and accessories, it is a company founded by three young brothers in Sarasota, Florida. The boys were motivated to start their own company when they discovered it is difficult to procure well-made, self-tie bow ties with appealing patterns in boys’ sizes.  Beehive Bow Ties offers six styles of bows from the classic butterfly shape to the less common diamond point.  They even have made available a pre-tied version for toddlers, so even the littlest gentlemen can also sport a dapper look.

The fabric for all Beehive Bow Ties is woven of fine silk in England by a centuries-old mill. The vibrant colors of the fabric are reflective of the coastal city the boys call home.  The colors as well as the patterns have all been discriminately selected by the boys themselves because they wanted an eye-catching and distinguished look. Beehive bow ties are self-tie, with an adjustable slider at the neckband, providing a comfortable fit and unique look. The fine quality of the fabric and the fact that the bows are hand-cut on the bias creates an easier and more fluid tying experience.  The excellent quality of the fabric and the way it is hand-cut also contributes to the bow ties’ longevity and promise for the next generation. The ideal stretch and durability of the fabric lends itself to creating an authentic self-tied knot for a tie that will endure the test of time.  Because a favorite tie should be worn time and again; and passed down, if so desired, in the future.

The Beehive Bow Ties accessories are, of course, made with the same superior quality.  The pocket squares for gentlemen and boys, as well as the elegant ladies’ scarves are made from 100% silk and each one has a fastidiously hand-rolled edge. Again, the boys carefully chose which patterns and colorways for each of the accessories, so that the pocket squares or scarves would be striking on their own; but would also coordinate fetchingly with the bow ties.

A portion of the proceeds from each bow tie sold is contributed to save the bees. Because one in four species of bees in the United States are in danger of extinction and we depend on bees to pollinate the plants that provide one in every three bites of our food.  The boys of Beehive Bow Ties are adamant about making a difference in the world and believe that saving the bees could in turn ultimately save mankind.  A quote attributed to Albert Einstein states, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”  With this in mind, the boys have decided to contribute to